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  • GENEREL INFORMATION Type GDDR6 BUS Type PCI Express 4.0 x16 Card size 16GB Dimensions 300*118.5*50MM DirectX 12 Ultimate Memory Bus (Bit) 64 Bit Multi Display 4 OpenGL 4.6 Ports 1*HDMI 2.0+ 3*DP Power Consumption 285 W Recommend PSU 600 W Resolution 7680 x 4320@60Hz Core Clock 2400MHz WARRANTY INFORMATION Warranty 3 Years GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC GRAPHICS CARD The GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC graphics card is designed for gaming enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance and reliability from their graphics card. With 16GB of memory and a core clock speed of 2400MHz, this graphics card delivers high-end performance that can handle even the most demanding games and applications. One of the standout features of this graphics card is its high memory clock speed of 2400MHz. This means that data can be accessed and processed faster, resulting in smoother and more responsive performance in games and other applications. Additionally, the graphics card features a 64-bit memory bus, which allows for faster data transfer rates between the GPU and memory. The GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC graphics card also comes with one HDMI 2.0 port and three DisplayPort (DP) ports, providing multiple options for connecting to a display or multiple displays. This graphics card supports multi-display technology, allowing users to extend their desktops or run multiple applications simultaneously on different screens. The dimensions of this graphics card are 300 x 118.5 x 50mm, making it suitable for most gaming PC builds. It is recommended to use a 650W power supply to ensure that the graphics card has sufficient power to operate optimally. Lastly, the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC graphics card comes with a 3-year warranty, giving users peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. Overall, this graphics card is a reliable and powerful choice for gamers who want top-tier performance from their graphics card. GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC Price In BD Discover the latest advancement in graphics technology with the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC GRAPHICS CARD, available now at Ultratech in Bangladesh. Designed to cater to diverse needs, this graphics card is a perfect blend of power and affordability, making it an excellent choice for office tasks, industrial applications, and home entertainment. The GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON boasts 16GB of overclocked memory, ensuring seamless multitasking and exceptional graphics rendering. Whether you're working on complex projects or indulging in immersive gaming, this graphics card delivers top-tier performance. Visit Ultratech to get the latest price for the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON 16G OC GRAPHICS CARD and elevate your computing experience today. Features Impressive 16GB Card Size: With a generous 16GB of memory, the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON delivers ample space to handle even the most demanding tasks, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient data processing. High Core Clock Speed: The graphics card boasts a core clock speed of 2400MHz, providing a powerful processing foundation for smooth graphics rendering, seamless gameplay, and efficient application performance. Compact Dimensions: The GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON comes in a sleek form factor, measuring 300118.550MM. Its compact design ensures compatibility with various system configurations while minimizing space usage. Optimal 64-Bit Memory Bus: With a 64-bit memory bus, this graphics card ensures quick data transfer and efficient communication between the GPU and memory, resulting in enhanced overall performance. High Memory Clock: Operating at a memory clock speed of 2400MHz, the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON facilitates rapid data access and seamless multitasking, contributing to a fluid computing experience. Multi-Display Support: The graphics card offers multi-display capabilities, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts who require expanded screen real estate for work or immersive entertainment experiences. Versatile Ports: Equipped with 1 HDMI 2.0 port and 3 DisplayPort (DP) ports, the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON provides flexibility in connecting to a wide range of display devices, from monitors to VR headsets. Enhanced Graphics Performance: The GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON is designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver enhanced graphics performance, allowing you to enjoy high-quality visuals, realistic gaming environments, and seamless content creation. Overclocking Capabilities: The "OC" in the model name indicates overclocking capabilities, enabling enthusiasts to push the graphics card beyond its default settings for even greater performance gains. Premium Build Quality: Crafted with quality in mind, the GUNNIR INTEL ARC A770 PHOTON features a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity, providing reliable performance over the long term.
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